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Terms and Conditions


This referral program is open to all alumni of ATMC who currently reside within Australia and are in good academic and financial standing with the University. Students and alumni who are employees, faculty or staff of ATMC or its Universities are not eligible for the Program.


Eligible participants may participate in the Program by completing the referral form by providing the name and contact information of prospective students who may be interested in enrolling at ATMC. The referral form must include the first and last name and email address of the referring alumni. The Referrer may refer to ATMC as many prospective students as he or she likes.


Referrers become eligible for an award as of the date on which the referred student successfully joins his or her Class at the University. Upon determination of qualification of the Referrer with respect to a referred student, the cheque will be mailed to the Referrer’s mailing address provided in the referral form. Undeliverable cheques will be deemed forfeited.


By completion of a referral form, referrer agrees to these Program Terms and Conditions. ATMC may terminate the program at any time without notice. ATMC reserves the right to disqualify any participant if, in its sole discretion, a participant has not complied with the Terms and Conditions or has otherwise attempted to disrupt the Program.

In order to make it a hassle free task and to avoid any sort of confusion, all correspondence will be done in writing and the referrer would receive a duly signed in agreement from ATMC

Category of Awards:

  • 500 AUD

    1 to 5 Students
  • 750 AUD

    6 to 12 Students
  • 1000 AUD

    13+ Students

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